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The Great Snow Maze ULTIMATE Sneak Peek!

November 15, 2009
Hey guys, Check it out! Remember in the Club Penguin Times there was a page about a new event for members only soon? It was called The Great Snow Maze!

The Great Snow Maze starts November 27, 2009. It’s going to be in the Ski Village and will last until November 29th. It’s going to be loads of fun! Billybob posted a preview of the Snow Maze in the community blog! Check out the picture below to see what It is going to look like:
Pretty cool, right? I’m really excited for this to come and maybe we can have a mini party in the maze! That would be pretty sweet, don’t you think so? Hhmmm… What do you think? Comment and let me know what you think!

CP Great Snow Maze Sneak Peek

November 15, 2009

Hey Penguins!

Check it out! I just found a sneak peek of The Great Snow Maze, Take a Look at this:


This will be yet another member only event. It will begin on November 27th and will be at the Ski Hill. It said in the latest newspaper that their would be new sleds, and new winter snow gear (which properly means a new winter sports catalog). So that would be cool! New Sleds or maybe even a new Sled Racing Track! SO are you ready to take on the maze?

Ninja Fire Suit Sneak Peak!

November 15, 2009
Penguins are working very hard at the Fire Dojo right now to put everything together so we can continue out Journey as Ninjas. Our next goal is to become Fire Ninjas. Just like a regular ninja, Fire Ninjas will have their official outfit. Lucky enough, I was about to get a picture of  what the Fire Ninja suit will look like! Check it out below:



That’s it! It looks like there is a Suit and Possibly Flip Flops or boots. Either way, the outfit looks like it is going to be pretty cool, Doesn’t it? Im really excited for them to go on sale because they look amazingly awesome. Will you buy the Fire Ninja Suit when it goes on sale, and how many coins do you think it will be?

Norman’s Swarm Play!

November 15, 2009

Woohoo! The new play is finally here and it is just awesome! This play really feels like no other play that we have seen yet. Some of the stuff remind me of the adventure party that we had in the summer, But I like it a lot!! This play has tons of cool things, So let’s check it out!




Look at the set, Isn’t it just awesome? Well… I love it! With an awesome set comes awesome costumes, but before we get to that, there is something even cooler to talk about! This play has a secret room! To get to Secret Room you must stand on all of the rocks that are shaped like an “X” – Once you and 3 other penguins [4 penguins total] do this,  Make sure at least 1 of the penguins are wearing a bug costume! The big rock in the back will move – Allowing you to enter the the secret room!



Now that you are inside the Secret Room, It’s time to get the secret pin! This secret pin is located in the big treasure chest! See all of those rocks in front of the treasure chest shaped like X’s? We are going to stand on those again with at least 3 other penguins. Make sure at least 1 of the penguins are wearing a bug costume! If you do this correctly the treasure chest will open:




SO, The treasure chest is now open and you can walk up to it to get the Secret Pin! The secret pin is a Magic Phial! Pick it up!




November 15, 2009

Hey guys! Check this out, Today Club Penguin released some new Post Cards! They are really cool and I like them a lot! I’m definitely going to be sending many of these cards out during my party this weekend – that is for sure! Check out the image below to see what the new post cards look like:


Aren’t they really cool? My favorite post card is probably the Norman Swarm Card, It’s so green! Which one is your favorite? Comment and let me know!

Construction @ The Volcano

November 15, 2009

Woah Ninjas! Check this out, This is one post I’m totally sure you do not want to miss! A lot is going on at the Dojo right now! Open your map and go to the Dojo Courtyard, Then waddle into the Ninja Hideout. Once you are in the Ninja Hideout you will notice a new panel which is shown below:



Click this panel to get into the Volcano room. When you click the panel a door will pop up allowing you to enter, However – If you haven’t bought an amulet yet, you will get a notice that looks like this:


So, Click “Go There!” and open the book. On the first page of the book you will see an amulete, The Amulete is 200 coins. Buy it!



Now, once you bought the amuleteyou can now walk back up to the door and try to enter. You should be able to enter and you will see a room that looks like the picture shown below, It’s the volcano!



Even though this room is extremely cool and like no other that we have seen beofre on Club Penguin, The volcano is still under construction so our help is needed! Everyone put on your jack hammers and get ready to rumble because we’ve got a lot of work to do!

Im Back!

November 15, 2009

I haven’t posted here in ages! Thought I had to make a post!
~mr nothersan